Rebel & Bo

We were just letting our precious labs back in the house from our fenced backyard, when they escaped. We spent the morning searching for them.  Morning turned into afternoon to evening and we thought they were lost or worse.

One of our neighbors found their photograph on Nashville Pet Finders and called us. A neighbor several streets down had rescued Rebel and Bo just before they headed into Hwy 70 this morning.  We have been reunited and wanted to thank our neighbor who kept our dogs out of harms way today. So we made a contribution to Nashville Pet Finders on your website tonight in her honor.

Thank you so much John, our neighbor, for searching for Bo and Rebel today and for looking on Nashville Pet Finders.  And thank you Emily for keeping our dogs today and posting their photograph to the website. We are so grateful to both of you!

Ann and Greg McNair

Rebel and Bo


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