Our Three Beautiful Girls

Thanks to Nashville Petfinders we were able to get our three beautiful German Shepards back. They had gotton out of the fence (chasing another animal; cat, squirrel, rat ???) but couldnt get back in the way they came out.  We checked everywhere. We thought for sure that animal control had them.  They didn’t have their collars on so our hopes of ever finding them were very grim.

After a couple of days I was on the Internet looking at found dogs and I decided to post them on the Nashville Petfinders website, as well as a few others.  I didn’t even have pictures of them, but somehow by the grace of God they were found. They had only been listed a few days and I got the calls and the e-mails.  I was so excited.

A very nice family had been keeping them after they showed up at their house (only 1 day after they got out). They had just about given up on anyone claiming them so they had called animal control. The man from animal control came out saw the dogs and before he took them he checked with the Nashville Petfinders database and then we got the call.  I know without Nashville Petfinders we wouldn’t have found them, and without their collars, no one would have known how to find us.

So, my family and I are very grateful and I will make sure I tell everyone I know about you and the great service you are to Nashville.  God Bless Nashville Petfinders.org!

The Sostas’




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