Our Mission

From Sonya Velez, Founder:

While driving one day, I noticed a sign on a telephone pole that was barely legible. It was streaked from the previous night’s rain and the top part of the page was folded over because the tacks had come loose. I made out the word FOUND, and Terrier, and I could see a phone number on the bottom of the page. I wondered how long the sign would stay up there and whether another night’s rain would make it totally impossible to read. I also wondered if this pet would ever be reunited with its owner again.

That’s when it hit me that there should be an easier and faster way to find a pet. Losing a pet can be a very frightening experience, just as finding a pet can leave you feeling helpless as to what to do.

This site was developed to aid and assist those who have lost a pet, and those who have found a pet, by creating a system that matches lost pets with their owners as quickly and with as little stress and anxiety as possible.

We hope you find our site useful!

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