Mia & Pickett

Yesterday I found a wandering dog with only a rabies tag.  As I was walking her down the street where I found her, I discovered her housemate had been chained up in some neighbors’ yard.  So together, we kept them overnight.  My neighbor brought the male to me the next morning as he was so scared and lost without his friend. While waiting for Metro to OPEN at 10AM so I could check their rabies tag number, I remembered that a pet sitting client had used Nashville Pet Finders this summer.  I went to the website and found these two dogs complete with photo’s right away!  These dogs had roamed over 2 miles to wind up in this neighborhood.  They are now happily reunited with their owner and I’m a greatly RELIEVED!

Thank you for this great service!

Patty Outlaw

We posted our dogs, Pickett and Mia, on Sept 20th.  A lady about a mile or two north of our home found them that evening and located us on Nashville Pet Finders the next day.  A very happy reunion!!  Thank you Nashville Pet Finders.  My family and I are very appreciative. 

Sue F.




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