Last Sunday morning a dog appeared at the property next door to where I work.  The next day the resident of the house brought him over to me to see if we could find his owner.   I went on the website for Nashville Humane Society, where I saw the link to Nashville Pet Finders.  I found his picture on the Nashville Pet Finders website and tried to contact the owners, but there was one too many numbers in her phone number.  I called Nashville Humane Society again and they gave me the owner’s correct number.  In about 20 minutes Mclaren’s owner was there to pick him up.  

Mclaren’s owner asked the owner of A&F Electric what the A stood for in A&F.  He told her Atwood.  Turns out that is the name of Mclaren’s owner.  After looking through some family records I found out they are related.  Happy story all the way around! 


A & F Electric



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