Lost Small Dog, 1/24/14 “Sam” Blond/Amber. PLEASE HELP.

Lost Small Dog, 1/24/14 “Sam”  Blond/Amber.  PLEASE HELP.

Sam ran away, Wednesday night, 1/22/14 from 1331 Pawnee Trail.  Sam is not a commonly known or recognized breed.  Sam is the “Powderpuff” version of the Chinese Crested breed.  His coat, is more like hair, and is amber, blondish, with some white, and streaks of black, small streaks of black, mostly amber/blond.

Sam is not that friendly with MOST people, most strangers, EXCEPT the family he has bonded with for over 11 years.

Sam is a little less than 14 to 15 inches tall, weighs about 7 pounds maybe 8lbs.  He MAY answer to “Sam Sam” in a quick but playful voice.

He LOVES long narrow toys, he has a plush “tiger tail” and loves it.

In the picture, his hair was groomed.  In the winter, we let it grow.  So today, unless someone found him and trimmed his hair, his hair is medium to long, silky, and long on the ears with a puffy tail.

Sam is my best friend.  I truly am a broken heart, a lost soul.  Please help.  Please.


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