Saturday morning I let our two dogs into the backyard for their morning business, they are typical homebodies and I took that for granted.  They left our yard while I was on the phone, uncollared and unchipped.  I have I made enough confessions, needless to say – I feel horrible.

I began looking for them right away and my neighbors joined in the search and my husband when he got home from work, calling veterinarians in the area and other pet friendly businesses – the search was on and exhaustive.  Six hours later we had discovered only three things:

1.  Our eldest baby – Hope (13 years old) had been hit be a car moments after leaving the yard.

 2.  Our baby – Hershey (3 years old) was missing and it was going to be a cold night.

 3.  Nashville Petfinders

 On Sunday morning we received a call from Mark, a neighbor in an adjoining neighborhood.  Hershey had spent the day hiding from Animal Control in his neighbor’s (Robbi) fenced in yard.  The group decided to let Hershey stay in Mark’s garage for the night instead of the doghouse the Robbi had lovingly prepared because of how cold it was last night.  Mark’s girlfriend had found our post on Nashville Petfinders and knew exactly how to find her home.  We went and picked up our sweet girl immediately.  Hershey is resting in her favorite spot and we are extactic to have her home.  Our son comes home with his grandparents from a weekend trip and losing one dog is going to be hard enough for this family but two was impossible.

Thank you Nashville Petfinders for helping us pick up the pieces and find Hershey.  It would not have been possible without your site as a resource.


Merideth & Scott Cooper



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