Found small black dog, already neutered, red collar


Hi, we found a small dog,(maybe 15-16 pounds), black with white belly and red collar, already neutered. The dog has been seen in the neighborhood for the past 2 months, but we thought he had a home. Yesterday while walking our dog, he followed us almost a mile home. We inquired around to several neighbors and found out that a couple of them have been feeding him and letting him in when it was so cold, but he doesn’t have a home. He is super sweet, sits on command, and walks well on a leash. We cannot keep him, as we already have a dog and cats. He is currently crated in a separate room because our dog doesn’t like him and he tries to chase our cats. We have additional pics to send you. Please let us know if you can take this dog.
Thanks so much!
Jennifer and Steven Good


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