I was reunited with Cricket today, after he’d been gone for over a week. He’s a little scruffy and disheveled, but otherwise none the worse for wear. And although I didn’t actually find Cricket through Nashville Pet Finders, I’m still sending you the reunion story since your website played an essential role in my eventually finding him–the knowledge that a site like yours exists helped keep me from giving up, and the important tips on your website helped me do the right things to get him back.

Although this was a terribly upsetting experience, it’s also given me a new perspective on how kind and compassionate others can be. I was able to get my cat back because of some good Samaritans who feed and take care of stray cats; they saw one of my fliers and called me. But it was also because of the advice, support, and encouragement of people like those who created and those who post on this site. I was prepared to give up a few days ago, but neighbors and even perfect strangers who saw my fliers and lost pet postings wrote to me and told me not to give up and gave me advice. I am going to try my best to pay all this kindness forward, be it by helping other stray animals or by checking Nashville Pet Finders often and encouraging others who have also lost their pets.

Thanks that all you do for these wonderful animals and their owners!



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