Found male blue-gray cat

  Found male blue-gray cat in Randy Rd area of Madison.  He is very friendly and loving.  He’s been hanging around for several weeks now.  Call 615 268-3298 if he belongs to...

Lost cat on English Ivy Dr., 37211

VERY friendly, not micro-chipped

Cat Found: Riverview in Franklin

Grey cat with peach colored speckles (dilute tortoise) arrived in our front yard about a week ago and has never left.  She has a collar but no tags.  She is healthy, but not chipped.  She is talkative, loving and trusting. She has not be declawed.  It’s obvious that she was loved. We live in the Riverview neighborhood in Franklin near Murfreesboro Road/Highway 96 and Royal Oaks Boulevard. ...

Young all gray male cat

Found a few weeks ago on Burkitt Rd. Very thin and not neutered. He’s been to the Vet and tested for Feline Leukemia and is negative. He has been neutered (Grassmere Animal Hospital) and given Rabies, Distemper and Feline Leukemia vaccines. The Vet says he is 8-9 months old and weighs 10 pounds. He also had his very long nails trimmed. He needs to be reunited with his owner if they want...

Found: Small Calico Cat with Collar

I don’t have a photo yet, but a small (either young male or adult female) calico cat has been coming to my house every night for the last week to eat with some feral cats that I shelter. He/she has a burgundy/red collar with a silver charm. He or she is a little leery, but is definitely a lost pet. If you’ve lost a cat matching this description in the Tusculum area (around Hill Creek...

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