What are the matters needing attention when using stone sand making machine?

Mechanical equipment in the daily use of the process will be due to improper operation or maintenance in place and some of the failure of normal use, this time we have to find the cause and solve. As a popular equipment in the crusher industry, stone sand making machine is the same. We should pay attention to certain matters when using it. Here we will see what matters needing attention when using the stone sand making machine. 1. Check the physical and chemical indexes and granularity of the materials of the stone sand-making machine should meet the requirements. It is forbidden to let the impurities and metals into the crusher. 2. Check the motor regularly, the temperature of each bearing should not exceed 60 C, the speed reducer, and the motor should not exceed 70 C. 3. In the operation of the crusher, the feeding should be uniform and less than the maximum capacity of the belt conveyor and bucket elevator (20t/h), in order to prevent blockage. 4. pay attention to the correct feeding direction and check the blocking phenomenon. 5. pay attention to the abnormal noise of motors and machinery. Regular inspections and maintenance of the stone sand machine will improve the working efficiency of the stone sand machine, and the service life will be...

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