Nine and a half months ago two of our dogs managed to get by us and out of our front door when my roommate and I returned home from work at 4 in the morning. My mixed breed dog came back home and hour later, but my roommate’s cocker spaniel did not. Chokko (often called Cha-cha) was very special because he could tell my roommate when she was going to have a seizure and convince her to lie down with him so she would be safe. We placed an ad in our weekly paper, drove many miles, walked and bicycled in search of Chokko. We later found out about a couple with a dog that fit Chokko’s description. Unfortunately, they had just left for Colorado for two weeks! When they returned we confronted them about the dog and they told us they had dropped him off at a local recreation area 15 miles away. We were heartbroken! We hiked the trails of the park for days, posted more signs, and placed a listing on the Nashville Pet Finders website. After two months my roommate gave up thinking she would ever see her dog again, but I still kept the listing current on the NPF website without her knowing. One day the phone rang. It was a woman who saw Chokko’s listing on the NPF website. It turned out she had found Chokko. He was 60 miles away and headed for the direction of the house we lived at when he was a puppy. If it had not been for the NPF website Chokko might never have found his way home. Thank you all so much and may God bless all of you and everyone out there that helps animals in their time of...


Recently someone let our beloved dog Skip out of our yard. He had never been out of the yard before and I knew it would be difficult for him and it was a nightmare for us. I posted Skip on your site and then later had a friend help me add his picture. Within the same day of adding Skip’s picture to the website I received a phone call from a very kind lady who lived a few miles away. She had seen his picture on the website and verified that she indeed had Skip. It seems that Skip had been living on her street for a few days. I owe this kind lady a great deal for taking Skip in, and this site made it possible for her to find us. I will be telling all my friends about Nashville Pet Finders. Don...


On April 21st my seven-month old Schnauzer was taken from my backyard. I put up posters with his picture and checked all the vets and humane associations in the area and could not find him. Six days later I found your web site. There was a listing that fit Tucker’s description. I called the phone number immediately and went to their home, which was five miles away. It was Tucker!!! His collar with his name and phone number had been removed so they had no way of contacting me. They had put up fliers in their neighborhood but since we lived so far apart neither one of us saw each other’s posters. Thank you so much for developing an organization with a website that can help pet owners find their pets. I never would have found Tucker if the Nashville Pet Finders website had not been available. I also have to thank Renae Ohmstede and her family for being such good people and taking such good care of Tucker on his unfortunate journey. Tomi...


I found a Chihuahua wandering on Nolensville Road on May 5th. I picked him up and took him to Grassmere Animal Hospital for safe keeping while I looked for his owner. Thanks to Beth McNeely & Nashville Pet Finders we were able to make a match with a Chihuahua named Sam that was listed as lost on the NPF site. He is now back with his owner. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, BETH, GRASSMERE ANIMAL HOSPITAL, AND NASHVILLE PETFINDERS! Linda...


If there is a record in speedy reunion, we broke it today. I posted Wonka at 8:30 am and was called at 11:00 am with the words: “I think you found our dog…” I found the female Chow on Elm Hill Pike during rush hour traffic, a family pet of 16 years. She got lost during the bad thunderstorms this week on Tuesday. I’m so happy for her and her humans I still could cry. Thank you !!! And to everyone else, pick up a lost pet; it could be yours one day! Claudia...

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